But, guys, when we see are not things that can happen. 28-03 2019

Divide the apartment with Ivana sister who studied in Madrid, but not enough money. Here then to round also found work as a clerk in the Gucci boutique located in the Milla de Oro (Golden Mile), the most exclusive area of ​​the Spanish capital. He does not know, but in this store her life would change radically.

Oh yes, because one day he comes by Gucci: CR7. And guess who is the assistant who must follow him into his shopping? She: Gio … Well, from that time on, tell the witnesses, whenever the Portuguese champion back into the store claims that could assist both the same order, the kind and sexy brunette.

And all the rest, the engagement, the birth of daughter Alana Martina (12 November 2017), the role of mother of the three children of 5 times Ballon d’Or (Cristianinho, Eva and Mateo) and the transfer is recent history. Meanwhile Georgina does not give up career and enters the stable One Models, the same agency as top Isabeli Fontana, Ana Beatriz Barros and Elisa Sednaoui. Among the most important shooting she made in Spain with those Glamor, Harper’s Bazaar, Women’s Health.

In Italy, it is noted (and how!) Last August on the red carpet at the Film Festival in Venice. Thu sports a lace dress from straight neckline, strapless, with a generous gap, and an abyss of transparencies from the bodice down, much to unravel the side B. In short, a very aggressive look!  Georgina Rodriguez.

Georgina Rodriguez. influencer always griffatissima – In the life of every day Gio always dresses griffatissima: Versace, Prada, Hermes, Balmain, Chanel, “but when I could not afford it, I bought from Zara,” he confesses. From time to time, to some criticism on social judged by its style inelegant, she responds in kind.

In Moscow, for the World Cup 2018, is insulted by the suit and top that shows off the Red Square: “If I have to get around the city,” she says in a stories, “do not go around with heels. Anyway, in case I 8 beautiful outfits that you will dream. If we stopped criticizing both among women, the world would be better. ” And not content adds: “And I do not know how I’m comfortable in the suit that many of you can not wear because of the flabby trunk pan”.

Woe to make her angry, then. Now, beyond the partnership with Yamamay Instagram it is still his favorite window (and its main source of income). The clothing brands, cosmetics and accessories if the contending sound of contracts.

His every post published, it has been calculated, it is worth more than 10,000 euro. Doing a quick count, Georgina Rodriguez could make ends season with a turnover of over € 4 million. An overlap from top players. But (even) her and not just by osmosis CR7, it is. Zero doubts.

Lorenzo Franculli

January 31, 2019 – Milan “A cool, this World!”. And he is right when he describes James Bertagnolli, with the happiness of those who have truly made history despite having only two decades and a career ahead yet to be built, the victories of today: two gold, one in the Super G and one in the Super Combined. After the first step of the podium this morning in SuperG adrenaline it was too strong and the snow too friendly for not delivering yet beautiful emotions in the afternoon. And so it was.

In the Sella Nevea came the fifth medal in as many races in this World Cup Alpine Skiing Paralympic medals that the couple Bertagnolli thirty-Casal expected, as well as the world of Italian skiing, particularly the Paralympics. A RACE FOR TWO – By virtue of the bad weather conditions for tomorrow, the Super G this morning earned him both as a round of the Super Combined rolling accumulator, both as a single race.

In the afternoon, with the slalom race, Bertagnolli, B3 visually impaired athlete, and Casal, his leadership, also won this last effort with another gold puts them right among the highlights of the Italian Paralympic sports. Two medals in one day, then, to the Italian-Slovenian Alpine World Ski Championships which were held between Selleva Neva ee Kranjska Gora, five podiums in all four gold medals (Slalom, Downhill, Super G and Super Combined) and silver (Giant ). Almost speechless at the end of the slalom two friends who closed the second round of the Super Combined with a best time of 43.39, followed by the usual four Slovaks: Jakub Krako with Branislav and Miroslav Brozman Harasu with Maros Hudik.

With Super G heats this morning, total times were as follows: 1: 46.32 for the Italians, for Krako +3.56, +4.71 for Haraus. A lot of the excitement of the two athletes Yellow Flames have shaken fans, this morning, with a “gleaned” at the start of the Super-G: But that was not enough to knock the blue pair.

This, however, the ranking of the first round which also assigned the podium in the Super-G: first place for Bertagnolli-Casal with a time of 1: 02.93, followed by the Slovak Jakub Krako and Branislav Brozman, second with 1: 04:39, and Miroslav Haraus along with Maros Hudik, too Slovaks, with 1: 05.82. Removed this morning Josef Lahner, Austria, which was before the two Trentino but was disqualified. The Italian team mates cool – “A cool this World!

After yesterday, frankly, did not expect it this morning but we decided to enjoy ourselves – said beaming Bertagnolli after the victory in SuperG- We took some risks but if you get down early you have to risk, there is nothing to do. We were lucky that the Austrian was the last door in front of us but has external outlet. It often happened to us, me in particular, I must say.

But, guys, when we see are not things that can happen. ” Ride Giacomo Bertagnolli greeted by school children flocked on the slopes of Sella Nevea. And smiles his leadership Fabrizio Casal: “We brought home the fourth gold medal, the fifth in total, the last three in front of the Italian fans and that’s great.

This morning we also made some little mistakes, we open, we have gleaned a bit ‘but they both went well, great! “. “Five out of five, at last: a focused goal we lacked – continues Bertagnolli – four gold medals out of five are not half bad. We were good and we had a little ‘luck in all races. Fantastic World! “. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV Elena Sandre © Reproduction reserved write your comment 0      


October 27, 2016 – Milan The long Halloween weekend, the most important event of the year for Italian disco, started early. As early as October 25 in Turin for Movement dance, techno festival by large numbers filled with events and workshops throughout the city before the grand finale, 31, at the Lingotto, where on four different stages staged dozens of electronics superstar . The eternal Sven Väth, the Italian Ilario Alicante, the powerful Adam Beyer, sophisticated Derrick May and Jeff Mills and also the collective Apollonia.

Bergamo party responds with two very different: the Bedlam is Oscar Aguilera, Spanish star of the dance groove that often makes the Space Ibiza. At the Setai instead performs Don Diablo, just who finished in 15th place in the Top 100 DJ Mag, the most important chart for DJs who travel the world to the rhythm of EDM.

Even in Florence on sound Halloween night is especially electronic: Arno, the Theater (ex Teatro Tenda) techno Monika Kruse alternates with that of Sam Paganini, while Tenax to the mixer comes to life a party #Savefabric or a party that supports the London Fabric, closed today due to problems with its license. In console to experience no Craig Richards.

In the capital, the twentieth century space instead comes Len Faki, mixer guru who never gives breath. GalleriaHalloween around the world, including witches, castles and celebrity Sinclar – It ‘a weekend full of excitement for those who do not live by just beat’ heavy ‘. the king of the global fashion house, that is, of course, Bob Sinclar In Italy it also arrives him. Friday, 29 celebrates with the usual side dish of maidens unleashed the first birthday of Malena Curno (BG).

On October 31 instead it moves to Cromie Castellaneta (TA), for a Popfest event organized by Music and Lyrics. In console here it alternates with Tarantino Silvio Carrano, now also an established manufacturer with its Freedom Total Recordings. A Rezzato (BS) instead of dancing Villa Fenaroli, monument of the ‘700 perfect to move in time with a certain style.

In the console’s Nicola Veneziani, who has just remixed a song by Shaggy and always knows how to unleash women.

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